tisdag 26 augusti 2008

Cassy - Cassy 02

This record has been around for a while but I haven't realised until now how truly great it is.

Don't be idle!

Deetron - Let's Get Over It

Brilliant Henrik Schwarz remix makes this record a one to keep. For a very long time!

Get into it!

fredag 22 augusti 2008

Kuniyuki - Remixed Vol.1

Japanes producer Kuniyuki Takahashi gets some remix help from none other than Theo Parrish. Solid as always!

The beatdown!

måndag 18 augusti 2008

Kerri Chandler - Computer Games. The Unreleased Files Expansion Pack 0,2

Nice techy deep house from the main man at label Deeply Rooted House

Pong it!

torsdag 7 augusti 2008

Sascha Funke - Mango Remixes

DJ Koze delivers a wonderful remix of Mango, divided into two different parts. Makes magic at the floor, believe me. On the flip there is a Tobias Thomas and Superpitcher remix which makes this BPitch release an ace.

MNG it!

söndag 3 augusti 2008

Hercules And Love Affair - You Belong

Second single from their self titled DFA album comes with nice mixes from Derrick Carter and Eric Kupper as well as with a new track.

Go Blind!